Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Viscera and Breathing Restrictions

Recently I have had a number of very interesting experiences in regards to release of deep tensions in and around the visceral organs (intestines; spleen, liver and stomach in particular); and restrictions in lungs and associated fascia sheaths and layers (especially the pleura and tissue around the esophagus).  I am still playing around with this, so won't go into too much detail now. 

What is interesting (possibly most interesting) about this, is that I feel fucking awesome (that's a technical definition) from this!  Really, really profoundly happy and joyous.  It also brings back to me to depth of a goal like a 'total body map', and how, after years of refining my body awareness - how much I still have to discover.. which is fantastic! 

A lot of the techniques I am studying, developing or creating at the moment are aimed at just these very tensions in the organs and restriction of the breathing and it's associated muscles and soft tissues.   

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