Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming Back Around The Circle

Of late I have been feeling like I am growing younger, not necessarily in body (though that is happening as my health improves), but in the growing sense of (return to) child-like wonderment, and some glimpses, if that is the correct word, of certain states I have not experienced in well over a decade.. there's a sense of joy and anticipation, but it's not related to a specific thing.  

It is a state of Shoshin-like state.  At any rate, I feel a lot of things coming around full circle, and a need start at the beginning of a number of different movement/bodymind training systems- whilst concurrently continuing to work, journeyman style, on what I am already practicing. I am very happy with what I have studied, digested and assimilated so far; but I do not yet have all the tools I need in the toolbox for what I want to accomplish.

This 90 day Blog Challenge has been very helpful in pointing the way, as to what to study next; and also to what I want to do with what I am studying/practicing/teaching.. 

I have a big blog post half finished on some of this, but don't want to rush it at 11:42pm (!) - so will release it when it's ready. 

IF any of you are looking for an interesting challenge, do try to blog continuously for 90 days - it's epic! (hopefully wifey won't read this post..)  I am going to buy myself a belt as a prize!

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