Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Full Spectrum Movement Exploration

I re-viewed this Feldenkrais clip HERE a few days ago (having seen it a while ago. There other parts, such as HERE, too).  Some great movement drills you can practice on your own. 

Feldenkrais 'Awareness Through Movement', and other movement exploration methods, compliment really well in combination with strength work of different types; and especially with more rigorous forms of martial arts.  Moshe himself was a Judoka (who knew the arts' founder, Jigoro Kano). 

The combination of a more yin or introspective, explorative bodymind art with a harder, more yang martial art is something that has great appeal to me - and makes for a much more well rounded and interesting skill-set and person.  Be it Judo and Feldenkrais; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Yoga; Stretch Therapy & Thai boxing or Wrestling & Qi Gong (Or all of the above). 

The full spectrum movement arts study does wonders for the embodiment of the individual, if done with 'awareness through the movement'.  It also gives you and physical cultivation practice to work on everyday without frying yourself.  And they're all fun! 

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