Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last nights circuit

At the local park, on a brisk July evening: 

Circuit 1 x 3
Chin-ups w 20kg: 5
One-leg Squats (bodyweight): 3;3 [L;R]
Bent Press w 20kg: 3;3  [L;R]
Swings w 20kg: 30 reps
Hanging knee raises: 5-8 reps

Circuit 2 x 3
Chin-ups (bodyweight): 10 reps
One-leg Squats (bodyweight): 3;3 [L;R]
Windmills w 20kg: 8;8 [L;R]
Swings w 20kg: 30 reps
Hanging knee raises:5 - 8 reps

I was no longer cold after about 4 minutes into the workout.  Recently, my other workouts have been indoors, and consist of a lot of lizard crawling up and down stairs; handstands; push-up variations and various glute strengthening exercises. 

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