Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Future Depends on Play

Thanks to Craig Mallet for THIS totally cool clip about the dire need for more play by everybody (kids; adults; older people; etc).  The video mentions the education system in Finland, which worth reading up about.  

We all really need more play.  The other evening, for the rest/active recovery part of my workout at the local park, I swung on the swings - and also on this swing-thing, that is like a 1.5 metre diameter platform made out of woven rope. It supports enough weight/space to allow two parents and a small kid or two on it to swing.  It normally doesn't go very high, but I got it up to about level with the beam that it attached too.  I then lie back in a braced position on it (like the guys/gals in that crazy winter olympics sport down that pipe).  It was profoundly fun, swinging back and forth looking at the crescent moon in the sky and feeling how my body sensations changed during the different phases of the swing.  Cheap thrills!

Another thread in the Natural Movement Canberra facebook group had some cool adult-in-mind playgrounds.  There should be more play areas for adults.  Luckily some of the kids playgrounds are pretty cool.  I took my daughter to Darling Harbour playground (which seems to have popped out of nowhere..), and there is one of those cool giant spider webs there.  The kids were having a great time, and more than a few adults were climbing around on it too! Which is great!

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