Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Learn to be a Polymath

Here is an ARTICLE by Robert Twigger (who wrote 'Angry White Pyjamas', which was once a toilet book for me) that I read just the other day about taking the path of the polymath in a world of increasing specialization.  Anyone who read my 'Expert Generalism' post will know I am a big fan of this. I really liked the article and it made me (once again) assess where I have been designating my time-energy for personal skill development. 

Recently I have realized my own slipping into too much intellectual reading, and have up the sessions of movement-play; and added in the much neglected (for me) sphere of music - dusting off the acoustic guitar I own. I need a drum.  I am on the look-out.  In the meantime, look out neighbours - some terrible renditions of Stairway to Heaven are in your not too distant future!