Thursday, July 18, 2013


As I sit here waiting for my epic(!) new video to load to Youtube (it's ~2GB but only 10 minutes long), I noticed that I have just passed 5000 blog views! Thank you Every Body! That is truly humbling.  Kit and I are closing in on day 90 of the challenge, and I must say that despite some late night posts, it has been an enjoyable and highly useful friendly competition.

The video I am loading up is my new 'Long Cycle' Bolster External Hip Rotator stretching, breathing and re-patterning sequence.  I think some of you are going to really like it..  I will talk more about it when I post it up, but it uses slightly different methods than a standard Stretch Therapy/Monkey Gym protocol.  A lot of my explorations of late have been on making my own solo stretching more effective, and this is one of the better experimental results. 

In the meantime, check out THIS article - sent to me by fellow Monkey Gym instructor and RKC Anthony Linard.  It mentions some topics that I have blogged about; namely the need to have movement training/Kinesthetic education for children (and adults).  Great to see so many people writing (and doing something) about this.

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