Saturday, July 13, 2013

Exploring Gravity

Just a brief post on the training the body's strength-control ability this evening.  Recently I have watched/been sent a number of great practical and theoretical videos on this: HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

Two are from Emile Conrad's Continuum system, the other are two people who have developed a high degree of body control on there own.  I love this type of strength-control in the sea of gravity.  Check out the skin, rib and spine movements in the 'undulation' clip!  Great body control.

The Continuum post on aging being a starvation process of the tissues is an interesting idea..  I love the 3 dimensional exploratory and play elements to this type of movement; and think that it has profound implications for Kinesthetic Education (rather than PE or Physical Education of the moment, which is sport based and not introspective). 

Anyhow, I have been playing around with some hand-balancing lately - and it is FUN!  Here is a Hand-balancing COURSE for free, from Sandow Plus. 

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    Thank You So much for sharing this video!!!
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