Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Static-Active Flexibility

Static Active Flexibility (stretching) is defined by Thomas Kurz, (in Stretching Scientifically) as:

"The ability to assume and maintain extended positions using only the tension of agonists and synergists while antagonists are being stretched

Not a type of movement I do too often (other than, perhaps, a few gymnastics holds that count in this category), but today Cherie decided to put the Advanced Stretching class through a series of hamstring and sciatic pathway Static-Active Stretches and mobilizations that she stuffs around with whilst watching TV at night.  

Why I am writing this, besides the novelty of this somewhat obscure stretching method and it being 11pm, is that my legs feel fucking awesome from it! Super light feeling; relaxed and springy.  

To be fair, I did some standard Stretch Therapy style PNF stretching too, including front splits that was only 4 inches away from the ground (so I'll have to see if I can replicate this feeling again), but it was refreshing to try some of the static active methods).  

I'm sure Cher and I will film these at some stage soon.  The book Stretching Scientifically is worth reading, if you can pick it up somewhere, as is Thomas' other book 'Science of Sports Training' (the lesser known but better one, IMHO). 

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