Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're gonna need a montage...*montage*

Writing is reading 2.0.  The act of writing is a creative act.. even if it all it creates is shite writing.  For me, the blog challenge has been great, in that it has forced me to have to discipline to create at least a little bit of shite, each day. Also, writing quality seems to be inversely proportional to the time of writings' closeness to midnight.

One of the other goals I had from this 90 day blog-challenge, was to try to crystallize some of the ideas I have floating around in my mind about what I want to do with this thing called Physical Alchemy (the system/art/method I am creating) - and, I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised by what has turned up in this regards!

So, I thought I would do a running review/montage of what has come up for me from this writing process..kind of like those montage Simpson episodes, where there was like 3 minutes of original footage in the 20 minute episode.

Some of the themes I have found that have resonated deeply with me are:

Physical Cultivation
Expert Generalism
Body-mindfulness and bodymind training methods
Shoshin (Beginner's Mind)
'Tiger Body' - agility, fascial fitness/supplness, relaxed awarness, etc
The Re-enchantment the Physical Body (sensory-motor enhancement and increase aliveness)
Resisting Mediocrity (tied in with Themes from the 'Ishmael' review about 'captivity' and undoing various types of socio-cultural conditioning)
Learning, Creativity and Digesting Information
Ecological and Systems Theory viewing of Exercise and Natural Movement
Kinesthetic Education [KQ]
Movement Exploration and Patterning 
Deep Physical Relaxation

For me, it is very cool to see the above list written out like that.  When the 90 day challenge is over, I am going to take the main themes from the blogs and write more detailed theory articles on them.  Then, matching the theory with the practical things I've been studying and creating; I will hopefully have the beginning of Physical Alchemy the Art-method-system. 

There are a lot of other bodymind systems I want to study to augment this, so (as with Stretch Therapy/Stretching Mindfully/Monkey Gym stuff) the method will very much be a constantly evolving art. 

And so, how do I put together these puzzle pieces?  I don't know...but it's sure going to be fun finding out!  :) 

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