Wednesday, June 5, 2013

..that's a wrap

Short blog tonight, as I am still packing in preparation for busing down to the Monkey Gym, in Canberra, for the farewell Monkey Gym workshop running Friday through Monday.  I am filled with a mixture of sadness (that it is closing and the flame of the crucible at the ANU is almost extinguished); curiosity (as to what my fellow presenters will be demonstrating) and excitement (for what will happen to the body of work the is Stretch Therapy™/Monkey Gym, now). 

I think the divergent phylogenesis that will spring forth from this gene-pool of body work and physical cultivation techniques will be very, very interesting indeed.  I can already see different strains of the work starting to transform into new streams of enquiry.. which is great!  The more, and varied, ways of getting people back into their bodies there are, for people to find the right fit for them, the better.

I am just finishing off The Re-enchantment of the World - Morris Berman (reading on the throne today), after starting it about 18 months ago.. it is truly brilliant, and I will review it at some stage. 

Relevant to this discussion is the epilogue of the book, which brought home again to me the importance of the work that we (collectively people who do these systems of body-mindfulness) do, not just for ourselves, but for our whole ecosystem/biosphere.  The arriving at this point is a bit too long and complicated for a single post (*cough* read the book!), but let me just put it out there that working on bringing life and sensation back to your own, personal, body has wider effects than one would think.

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