Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tiger Style

Tigers, or other big, jungle cats, are often used to describe the physical attributes one seeks to get from physical cultivation and training - and it's easy to see why!  The power; the speed and agility; the relaxed awareness (and the ability to go from a deep relaxation to extreme speed and power very quickly, than is exhibited by most members of the feline family).

Physical cultivation for elastic recoil (fascial fitness); Natural movement; relaxed body-mindfulness and power endurance are all the things I am looking very much forward to working on in the coming months, and years.  All bodymind training methods that lead to cat-like movement and sensory awareness are to be explored. 

Tiger Body Workout, as a name, is already taken (by Robert Schleip and his partner Divo - who do great work); but still, I feel like the attributes mentioned in the paragraph above are going to be a large part of where I take my own training and what I teach, in the future..

On a side note, I saw recently that the numbers of actual tigers left in the wild is really low (~2500).  This made me sad; that such a grand creature is, very much, in danger of becoming extinct.  I hope they find a way to increase the numbers..maybe they could release them into outback Australia; to feast upon feral goats and camels; kangaroos and the odd German backpacker who has ignored the warning signs?

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