Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Second Challenge.. Simon and I are going to try to get to 80kg bodyweight by the end of 2013. We've both been around the 76kg mark before, Simon more recently than I have - but neither have hit the 80 kilo bracket.  We have pretty much the same body type and are pretty much the same height.  80kg is the goal; 76kg+ plus gets an honorable mention. 

Lean muscle mass gain without reduction in movement quality is what we are after (a bit of fat gain not is not a problem for either of us, provided it doesn't reduce agility/mobility). Ideally the added muscle will be evenly spread around the body. 

The dismaying news.. whilst is Canberra, for the Monkey Gym workshop on Friday/Saturaday, I had a chance to weight myself.  I'm usually 72 - 73kg, but weighed in at 70.9kg (with cargo pants and tee-shirt on!).  So interim goal is get up to 75kg by mid-September.  Then I can resort to squats/deadlifts and milk if I plateau! 

This will be fun! Some good, hard training for strength, power, size to balance my more introspective and explorative movement training.  

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