Saturday, June 8, 2013

Monkey Gym Workshop Day 2

Cool; my internet device seems to work whilst going 100km/hr on the bus from Canberra back to Sydney!

Today we started off with Simon's movement patterning and mobility session - which rocked!  Broken into two parts (which were filmed by Kit, so hopefully will appear sometime); one was a utilization of the stretch reflex to increase movement range and power via elastic recoil (in 3 planes of motion).
 The second segment, which was cut a bit short, was a totally cool movement exploration of figure 8's; spirals and 4 leaf clover's with the sacrum/coccyx - again, in a number of planes.  These movements feel so goodly.  Great when slowed right down.

After this Anthony did a sweet session of kettlebell basics, which was really excellent.  I got some new cuing tips for swings from it that I will definitely use. Nice!  

Next up was my segment on 'horizontal plane pushing and rowing whilst controlling the shape of the spine' - which complimented Simons' 'move the body and spine in all types of crazy and fun ways (with awareness)' section perfectly.  Two sides of the same coin...Monkey gym basics (3pt spinal alignment and control; addition of anti-rotation capacity against rotational vectors of different types; sensory cuing to enhance motor function; etc).

Great fun, and flowed nicely into John's session on Roman ring basics (Monkey Gym style) - with lots of great low ring variants. Merryn finished up with a great little body-weight circuit and some lying relaxation.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time presenting, assisting learning at the workshop; and had a great time returning to my home town, and catching up with some of my favorite people there.  The workshop had a really nice 'one door closes; another opens' feel to it!  It even felt like one door closing, many doors opening.  So cool to meet and train with so many excellent humans intent of spreading body-mindfulness and physical cultivation methods! 

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  1. Kit Says:

    "Hey Dave; Simon's session actually went 20 minutes *over* the allotted time! It just felt short (except to me: I was handholding the camera during it all). Cheers and thanks for the great write-up. K"


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