Thursday, June 13, 2013

Product Review: Crumpler Messenger Satchel [The Soupan Salad]

Tuesday this week, as I was walking around King St, Newtown with my daighter, and I decided to pop into the Crumpler clearance store - having bought a few goodies from them before.  The make great stuff, and the messenger satchel I purchased is no different.  

It is just what I wanted - i.e. smaller than my backpack; allowing more movement than my other satchel; very durable and weather-proof; comfortable and looks cool.  So ticks all around.  They had another brown and red colour scheme, but the blue was the one for me.  

Although small-medium in size, it is a tardis when it comes to space and capacity - fits everything I need easily!  There is a wide main compartment, and two smaller pockets on the inside edge (one zip; one velcro).  It has a nice little loop on each side for hanging stuff off (note the smaller, gold coloured Crumpler pouch). 

The strap is really nicely padded, and I've worn it on a decent walk so far without discomfort. It actually feels really awesome when walking; like you are on some type of secret mission when you wear it (bonus points!).  It has an adjustable strap (obviously) and a second mini-strap; that acts as a stabilizer to make the fit more snug and prevent movement of the satchel when you are moving. 

So all up I am very happy with it (only had it a few days, so will possibly re-review later)!  The name of the bag type is 'the Soupan Salad'; and if you're familiar with Crumpler, you'll know they all have weird-ass names like this. Go forth; Satchel up!  

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