Monday, June 24, 2013

Skater and Cossack Squat Tutorial

HERE'S a tutorial from the recent Monkey Gym Workshop, in Canberra.  I missed this day, so it was great to see this put up.  Clocking in at around ~13 minutes, it's quite detailed - and the exercises do not require any equipment.  Thank you to Kit for presenting, editing and posting the clip on Youtube (and Paul for filming)!

I did some isometric Speed Skater Squat holds in my workout last night; 75 seconds x 2 sets for each leg.  Plus some one-legged deadlifts with my 28kg kettlebell.  I can definitely feel my glutes today.  I have a suspicion I will feel them more tomorrow..

I'm going to play around with the SSS some more, then possibly write about it.  The Canberra Monkey Gym crew have been playing with it longer than I have, so I want to give it time to adapt into my system.  I had been holding my trunk at a different angle for my isometric squat holds, and found that to be great, too.  I think a number of good positions for holds are possible, each with there own benefits. 

If anyone out there does regular barbell lifting (especially deadlifting and/or Olympic lifting) as part of your training; I'd very much be interested to see what you found from implementing the Speed Skater for a while as an ancillary exercise. 

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