Monday, June 17, 2013

Prototype '5 necks' workout

I previously mentioned  a comment that Kit had once made about the '3 necks' of Chinese Medicine (neck; wrist and ankle). After discussing with Simon, we figured that '5 necks' (neck; wrist x 2 and ankle x 2) sounded way cooler.

Last night I played around with a new type of workout (a strength-control and Natural Movement emphasis one), that I am going to add into my current program.  Basically I will do different types of crawls (lizard; cat; bear; etc); handstands and agility drills, mixed in with specific mobility and weighted mobility drills for neck, forearm/wrist/hand and lower leg/ankle/foot.  Lots of spirals and figure 8 patterns. 

I think it should fit in well with my current strength circuit workout.  Should be fun getting back into some basic gymnastics holds, too. 

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