Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Agility Deficiency

I went for another run in the forest today. It was raining most of the day, and when I was running, so the trees gave off that freshness and smell they do when it rains. Dodging the puddles (as best I could) along the path, at speed (as well as rocks and ditches and trees) felt smooth - and the whole run felt great. 

As I was walking back along the traing, an idea that I had a while back return - the idea of Agility Deficiency.  What I mean by this is, people talk about strength imbalances and deficiencies; reduced range of motion of joints, or movement dysfunctions but what of the lack of agility? How does reduced nimbleness effect day to day life?

This came about many months ago as I was vaulting over the mini-couch we use as a barricade to stop my daughter getting into the front portion of our lounge-room. I made it over, but it was far from graceful and I was stuck by the fact that although my strength and flexibility are much greater than when I was younger, my agility was reduced.  This, and a few other events, prompted me to re-focus on movement and agility in my training.  I remember a time when I felt very light in my movements - I want that back. 

Related to this is a topic I will blog about this week; which is my re-writing of the Strength & Flexibility [Monkey Gym] course I teach to have a tripartite focus of Strength; Flexibility and Movement. 

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