Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting back into the Body

HERE is a video interview that Kit shot whilst in Vancouver lately (with Stretch Therapy and Pilates practitioner, and host of 14 Stretch Therapy workshops over the years; Linda).

The interview takes in a number of interesting points on body-mindfulness (embodiment) in relation to Stretch Therapy and this process of getting back into the body.  

Near the end of the ~6minute interview, Kit and Linda talk about the necessity of 'embodiment of set of ideals', or, more simply - having the body-knowledge of the exercises and the system (above and beyond the conceptual knowledge). 

For me, looking back over the last decade or so, I have had a number of different quickenings (to pinch a highlander reference) from different systems of bodymind and physical training (one of which is the Stretch Therapy system; another was martial arts training).  During these periods (some quick; others over a period of months, or years) I found my bodymind, and my whole way of relating to reality changed (as is mentioned a bit in the above clip). 

Often after these, I would look back at my old self prior to the shift, and wonder if I even counted as being alive at all beforehand (such was the difference in my daily experience post-shift).  The cooler thing, I have found (personally), is that if you keep practicing they keep occurring - and you begin to inhabit a more and more wonderous world. 

This is why (one reason, at least) I refer to this process as The Re-Enchantment of the Physical Body - because, whilst embodiment and other such terms are great, they don't capture the change in world-view as well.

And so, this is a core aspect of what I want to do with Physical Alchemy.  I want to help facilitate as many re-enchantments of physical bodies as is possible within my life-time.  As mentioned in other posts, luckily, there are many great practitioners of different methods out there, right now, doing just this.  I am truly blessed to count a fair number of such extra-ordinary beings as my friends and colleagues!

In The 4hr Chef, Tim Ferriss mentions that 20 million people counts as a 'supertrend', in terms of influence.  This got me wondering.. what would happen to society (and the biosphere!) if you got 20 million new people deeply into some form of bodymind training, that opens up this process?  I personally think very cool things would happen.

So get out there and find the art/system that resonates most with you; find a great teacher, and start practicing! 


  1. This post deserves worldly praise simply due to the fact that you mentioned highlander...ive never heard anyone speak of it before...brings tears to my eyes. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! muahahahah

  2. LOL! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


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