Thursday, May 9, 2013

What is this thing called Stretching?

HERE is a great video, just posted today, about some of the deeper and most useful aspects to stretching in the way advocated within the Stretch Therapy™ system (but not limited to this system, of course). 

Here are a few choice quotes to tempt you to watch it:

"A deep knowledge of what's going on inside your body can be made available to you, if you do some stretching from time to time." - Kit Laughlin

" rep four or five you're thinking about lunch, dinner, or your girlfriend" - Kit Laughlin

"..when you do become familiar with moving your own body, at some point there will be this momentary experience of this simple pleasure; the joy of movement and the joy of fully experiencing the sensations that are coming to us in huge amounts, every minute of every day, but because so many of us are locked up in what our head is doing; what our mind is doing, more explicitly.." - Kit Laughlin

Kit also did a detailed BLOG here; so you can do further reading, if you like. 

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