Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Be strong to be useful"

"Être fort pour être utile"- Georges Hébert. 

Which in English translates to "be strong to be useful".  Georges was a French physical culture innovator, whose Natural Method is seen as a precursor to things like Le Parkour, Free-running and Natural Movement style fitness systems, like MovNat

Craig, who is a MovNat Instructor (currently in Canberra, with workshops later this year around Aus), posted THIS clip on facebook this morning.  Natural Movement classes in ACT region are detailed in the link. 

The majority of my own physical training is outdoors at the moment, which I am finding really enjoyable.  The nice weather helps, of course; though there's something virtuous about a man/women who goes out in the rain to do a workout..  the lizard crawling and tree climbing shown in the MovNat clip are really fun, and feel great for the body (when done correctly).

I also think there are some interesting socio-cultural shifts happening that the popularity of Natural Movment style exercise systems are part of..  not going to go any further into that now, however. 

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