Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nice Stretch Therapy Interview

HERE's a nice interview that Kit did with Jade (of Stretch Therapy Spain), in regards to how she got involved with Stretch Therapy™in the first place.  Cool story!

Fantastic to hear Jade talking about her being 'the strongest and most agile she's been in 20 years'; and regeneration a 'black disc' injury to her back via the use of Stretch Therapy and Inversion techniques.  The plasticity of the body when the right stimulus (and rest and rejuvenation) is applied to it, is truly awe-inspiring.

And to think of the time/energy people focus on other trivial and non-useful external things, instead of spending time being introspective and contemplative of their bodies.  It is very interesting, no? 

Regardless of the system, I always find it so heartening to hear of people around the world breaking the 'myth' of the type of biological aging that pervades most of the Western world. 

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