Thursday, May 30, 2013

Deepening my Stretch Therapy practice

Yesterday I had an amazing stretch sesh in Cherie's Advanced class (thanks Cher!); it was definitely in my top two stretches of the year(!); with the other contender happening last Wednesday.  Highlight was a 'long cycle' modified advanced external rotator stretch off a bolster and a psoas-specific unwinding stretch.  What this all adds up to for me, is the possibility that I've come to a new level of practice with Stretch Therapy/Stretching Mindfully style work.

This is cool, as I have had most of my other breakthrough's, or 'level jumps', within a partner stretching class/workshop setup - whilst this time I have made my breakthrough with solo stretching.  I definitely think the previous partner stretching work has allowed me to get to this latest deepening of the work.

I'm hoping to get some of the 'long cycle' slow, simmering style solo stretching variations I've created up soon (am looking at the camera I will film with right now). Cherie has some great variants, too.  This being said, I'm having a great time, and getting great effects from working in some 2-partner soft tissue re-modelling variations in my classes  - so partner and solo stretching obviously both have great benefits; why not use both of them?

The primary things that have lead to this recent advance for me are very much internal things (tiny changes of movement; breathing; Intention and body awareness shifts - and really focusing on my state of consciousness in the position).

I've stated elsewhere that one goal I have is to gain decent/full mobility in every joint that has movement available to it in the human body, in this lifetime (and the supple soft tissues to go along with that joint mobility) - mainly just for my own amusement and to see if it is possible (and what it feels like).

I know a lot of people talk about having mobility and stability in different areas, and this is very valid advice for most people - what I'm aiming at doing, I do not recommend other people to try (unless you feel the need) - it's a personal, if somewhat odd, quest of mine, is all. 

Man I feel good today, though.  The majority hip work has really opening up my ribs and neck - and the sensations of aliveness in my legs today were fantastic!  Ch'eeeeah!

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