Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yesterday's 'Tonic' Heavy chins workout

Pink sky sunset, full moon rising. Yesterday evening's 'Tonic' Heavy chin-up workout at the local park:
A1) Weighted Chin-ups w 20kg KB: 3 x 5 reps
A2) Weighted SLS w 20kg KB (10 second eccentrics): 3 x 3 rep
Long rests between sets, workout time: ~20 mins
There's a picnic table at the park where I work out, so I do different basic agility and Parkour based moves on that during the rest period between sets. 
Keeping chin-ups (weighted and various isometric variants) and single leg squats (SLS) as the regular core to my strength work at the moment is working well.  Both exercises offer so much sensory refinement, as well as the usual progression by adding resistance.  

I've been playing with the subtle differences in the preference in finger and intrinsic hand muscle contraction and general hand and finger sensory awareness and proprioception - what you feel and how you contract the fingers and hand influences what proportions of what muscle you use further up the chain.  It's quite interesting to follow the channel of contraction from one hand up to at least the lats - then compare to the other.  

For doing this in the chin-up you need to be able to do enough of them so that for the first few reps you can really slow things down and listen.  Ball park figure would be 8+ rep max, then at least the first 3 reps should be pretty solid.  

Same for using the one legged squat.  Eccentrics work particularly well when comparing symmetry between the sides.  Again, playing with toe pad and ball of foot awareness can change what happens up the limb.  Play around with it, but remember to actually lift some heavy weights (safely!), too. 

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