Monday, March 3, 2014

Workshop review: Mobility Conditioning with Steve Maxwell

Workshop Review:
 Mobility Conditioning Seminar with Steve Maxwell (1 Day)

Yesterday I had great privilege of attending Steve Maxwell's Mobility Conditioning Seminar, hosted by my Jiu Jitsu Instructor (Felipe Grez) at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom, Sydney.   

I love Steve's work and am a big fan of his practical methods.  I have followed him on the Internet for a long time, and was lucky enough to meet, train and hang out with him last year.  As he says in his introduction to most workshops; he's been in the game for 50 years(!), and has been continually experimenting and refining his unique methods over this time.  He has an amazing wealth of information and experience. 

This seminar focused on what Steve calls 'mobility conditioning' which combines active flexibility,  joint mobility and movement pattern work with strength, 'baby training' neural re-patterning, breathing and tension-releasing exercises - it's quite an exceptional combination.  There's methods from all over the globe featured.  

Today (and yesterday post-seminar) my body is feeling fantastic and sore in some areas that do not normally get sore.  Steve is easily able to provide exercise progressions for every skill level present at his workshops, and though a number of the exercises are grappling specific (one of Steve's specialties), they provide mobility-conditioning, active flexibility and resilience to anyone who plays contact sports (martial arts; football and rugby codes, even basketball) or has the potential to fall during their activities (cyclists; trail runners; etc).

For me, I am really excited by blending and experimentation that I am doing with Steve's methods; Stretch Therapy and qi gong.  The blending and distillation of these three modalities is a very large part of what will make up the Physical Alchemy method I am creating (after suitable experimentation and refinement).  

Steve is putting on at least one more Mobility Conditioning seminar in Sydney (this Sunday 9th March, 2014), and one in Melbourne (the following week) - maybe two more if the one this Sunday reaches capacity (which it is close to doing).  If you are in either of these great Australian cities and are interested in all things physical cultivation and health, do not miss out on this opportunity:

Steve is a super generous dude, too.  He has gone over-time in every single workshop and training session I have ever done with him.  Yesterday he went over by 30 minutes and shortened lunch by half an hour - because people were so keen to learn, and he loves to get his methods across to people.   He has even given me two pairs or shoes (New Balance minimus!); five pairs of shorts(!); two belts and a rain jacket (Steve and I are similar builds, and he sheds gear he cannot take with him on his travels - as he packs light and agile when travelling). 

Dave Wardman (Physical Alchemy)

p.s I learned so much yesterday that I am doing the same seminar again next week!   :)  

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  1. Lovely writeup, Dave. I know SM quite well too, as you know, and everything you write is is the truth. I strongly recommend workshops with Steve too (we hosted him just before the Monkey Gym closed) and he stayed in our house, too.


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