Friday, March 28, 2014

Spiral Movement Patterns, Rolling and 'Following The Eyes'

In case you missed it, Craig (ARC training) and Simon (Ancestral Movement) just released a new three video series on various movement patterns incorporating spiraling/rotating and rolling with the concept of eye lead movement (following the eyes). 

These drills are totally cool and playful, and can be done just about anywhere.  Simon is demonstrating them (on a miscellaneous patch of Earth in Canberra) as they should be done (or, as you should work towards doing them) - with smoothness, awareness and control.

They make a great warm-up; 'morning mobility' or movement-play session.  Looking forward to more videos from my good friends Simon and Craig!

Videos below:

Spiral Movement Transitions part 1 - Rotating

Spiral Movement Transitions part 2 - Rolling

Spiral Movement Transitions part 3 - Following The Eyes

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