Tuesday, April 30, 2013


..actually, the clip of that 86 year old gymnast reminded me of the quote from The Protean Body: A Rolfer's View of Human Flexibility - Don Johnson (Great book!):

"You don't stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing"

The book is about the 'radical plasticity' of the human form throughout a lifespan (within reason), and how much of what we take for 'normal' aging is influenced largely by sociocultural conditioning, which works like a self-fulfilling prophecy if we accept what we are told is the way things are.  So play! 

To my delight I recently found a giant swing at a playground in Chatswood; and immediately starting swinging on it (of course).  Man, it was fun (the chains are like 4 metres long!).  So.. whilst having fun (playing) on the swing I noticed a number of adults looking on with expressions that ranged from mild disapproval, to amusement with a hint of 'Dammit! I'd like to go on that swing too, but am worried about what my wife/friends/kids will think'. 

If you live in Sydney the swing is still there to the best of my knowledge - why not go and check it out?  You could even sneak out there at first light if you care what people think.  If anything the swing was more fun than I remember it being when I was a kid, as I am heavier and stronger now and can get much higher. Cheap thrills. :) 


  1. I've gotten disapproving looks going on the flying fox at gungahlin before. Losers, I wasn't hanging round the playground cos I'm a pedophile.


  2. That flying fox is fun! I've gone on it before, too. I have memories from childhood of there being a EPIC flying fox down Southside somewhere - but don't ever want to find it in adulthood, as I'm sure it will look small now.

    It helps to have your daughter with you when at the park.. I also find I have pretty much free rein to goof off in malls - as long as I am chasing my daughter around (thanks daughter!).

  3. Kambah adventure playground was epic. 2 big flying foxes, big rope swing and a long slide. It's still there but safety Nazis have massively defunned it.


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