Friday, April 26, 2013

Product review: Tiger Shoes [New Balance Mens Minimus 10 Trail]

Recently I picked up a pair of the Minimus 10 trail on sale (Still ~$125).  Originally I was looking for a pair of Mizunos, that Steve Maxwell had worn to the workshop I attended and rated highly (and the man knows his shoes!). 

So, I was in the shoe store, and these Minimus shoes caught my eye, and I tried them on - they felt amazing.  So I promptly didn't buy them and continued searching for the Mizunos. That night I was visited by the ghost of regret.. why didn't I just buy the shoes that felt amazing?! 

Next day I got up early, went back, and got me some badass Tiger Shoes. Having worn mostly Vibram 5 fingers and Volley-type shoes for the last 5 or so years, shoes with a bit more support felt interesting in the first few days. Definitely not bad, just different. 

These are the most comfortable and best shoes I've ever owned.  I still wear 5-fingers a lot, but I find I really like wearing these (and another pair of a different model of Minimus that I picked up in the States this week...maaaan, we get screwed hard on shoe prices btw.  I got the new pair for $50US.).   

I love the wide toe base, the overall shape and fit. My pair are an auspicious orange and black tiger-style colouring.  You can put them in the wash to clean them.  They provide the additional support needed for agility work and Freerunning/Parkour, especially on concrete; whilst still being light and mobile enough to not restrict movement too much.  You can still feel the ground texture through the sole quite well, though obviously not as clearly as in 5 finger Classics. 

The one downside I've found is, despite the intricate tread pattern on the sole, they have lost grip a few times when it was raining.  This is really the only downside that I have personally found with them. 

As with a lot of things that I find and like, a few weeks after buying the initial pair I found another pair on sale - and decided to buy them too!  I ofter have two of the same item of clothing, because I can go a fair while without finding another that I like. 

From what I've heard from others with the same model, they are quite slow wearing and last a while (under 'normal' wearing conditions, I guess).  The model shown hear (the Minimus 10 Trail) is last seasons model, so you might still be able to find some in stores.  I know that Shoeologist (505 Kent St, Sydney CBD) had some left on sale last time I checked (about 9 weeks ago).. 

Actually, looking at the search results, Shoeologist have actually reviewed this exact model! WATCH CLIP.

As I said in my review, I have to disagree on the slip control aspect mentioned in the video review, based on my experience.  As mentioned in the video review, the shoes have a minimal heel - so as to give a more natural foot placement. 

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