Monday, January 5, 2015

Physical Alchemy Experimental Session 2nd Jan, 2015

As 2014 started to draw to a close something very interesting was occurring (almost) every Friday night, hidden away near the Lane Cove forest in Sydney. Myself, and between 1 and 3 collaborators (Robbie, Michael and Hanh), have been performing physical alchemy in my living room, whilst others are out drinking or home watching TV.

What began as a casual stretch session has evolved into a Physical Alchemy laboratory.  These experimental sessions are now averaging around 2 and a quarter and 2.5hrs in duration, and the intensity and creativity of the sessions has been steadily increasing.  And man, is it exciting! 

I am personally very interested in the ability of these 2-2.5hrs experimental sessions to produce a re-patterning effect similar to what I used to only be able to attain during workshops (7-8hrs).  A couple of the sessions did this in particular and we are trying to triangulate in on the specifics in terms of sequencing, duration, ambiance and other contributing factors.  

The session documented below produce a fantastic re-patterning effect immediately post session and for the whole of the next morning.  The beneficial effects in terms of movement quality, ease and enhanced body awareness and proprioception lasted another 2 more days (roughly).

These are the 'headings' of what we did, the experience and subtle detail is harder to convey.  I will think about what medium could work best to get this across more accurately.  At any rate, let me know if you have any questions about the below terminology (which is quite specific to people who have trained in Stretch Therapy).

Follow these sessions at my 'Physical Alchemy Laboratory' workout log @ Stretch Therapy Community forums:

Jan 2nd, 2015: Physical Alchemy Experimental Session w Michael

1) Partner Hip Flexor stretch - The classic Stretch Therapy seated hip flexor stretch. Simple and brilliant.  I haven't done the standard one for a while, and it is always good to revisit it. 

2) Romanian DL from Deficit (slow): 15 reps @ 40kg, 12 reps @ 50kg

3) Nordic Hamstring Curl: 1 set of 3 isometric hold reps

4) Partner Front Splits I.  Hip Flexor C/R. Scissor C/R. Scissor plus Pelvic Torque C/R.  Knee-bar C/R. 

5) Nordic Hamstring Curl: 2 sets of 3 isometric hold reps

6) Partner Tailor Pose.  Standing assistance of ~80kg human.

7) Partner Front Splits II (This was done much longer and stronger. I made a breakthrough on both legs) Again: Hip Flexor C/R. Scissor C/R. Scissor plus Pelvic Torque C/R.  Knee-bar C/R. Though Knee-bar Contract-Relax was done longer and the deep breathing re-patterning phase was extended another 5-6 breathes.  This was very intense, but good.  Lying integration with inner smile post each leg. 

8) New Physical Alchemy variant Floor Pec Minor/Major (got best pec minor sensory awareness ever during contraction on the right side).  This will be filmed soon. It rocks. 

9) Double Partner Pancake - Hanh joined in, sitting between my shoulders, which now offers superior assistance and allows me to hyper extend my lumbar spine and really wind-up various fascial chains in my legs. 

10) Partner assisted soft tissue work with ball on right medial epicondyle. Ouch.


  1. Brilliant, and a much better use of that time (than driving or drinking!). Much to talk about.

  2. it all sounds (and feels) wonderful.... your description had me doing micro movements as I read along the workout. (it read clearly to me)
    look forward to the video. And yes, i'll finally get myself on the forum and involved... 2015 is time to get back to all things given up for Phoenix.


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