Monday, June 9, 2014

90 Day Video Challenge

So; I have been challenged to a '90 days of Video' Challenge (by Stretch Therapy forum member Adurst) - and I have accepted!

This should be interesting.  Things I am hoping to get out of this are:

1) Reform my upwardly inflecting voice patterning during speech in videos
2) Learn to use iMovie, instead of just 'one taking' everything
3) Learn how to use my new camera more effectively

I am counting the challenge on June 6th 2014. 

Here are the videos I've posted so far..

Agility - Precision Rail Jump 1

Agility - Precision Rail Jump 2

Tree Climbing - horizontal under branch

Pseudo-Archer Chin-up pt1

Pseudo-Archer Chin-up pt2

Stay tuned! 

p.s I have about 10 large-ish blogs in partial completion.  Hopefully I will get the time-energy to get these out soon. 

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