Sunday, February 16, 2014

21st Century 'Communication'

And great piece of feedback I got from my good friend and colleague, Kit Laughlin, in regards to my Intent-piece 'Physical Alchemy' was this:

"I would argue that the 21st century has decreased communication, but vastly increased amount of information, most of which masquerades as information, but is … not. Recall Gregory Bateson’s description of information: “a difference that makes a difference”. KL

This comment has made me begin to re-write this part of the statement.  It's the inauspicious combination of increased speed and decreased clarity of information transfer that is so toxic, IMHO.  

This is a big part of my 'cultivation of selective ignorance' in regards to both the non-watching and non-reading of 'news' media of any type; and also of my re-reading of truly great books, as opposed to pouring more mediocre information into the filter.  

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  1. Perspicacious, grasshopper (just kidding!). I love with all my soul the concept of *selective ignorance*; and in the process, space is created for the timeless, and the Real. And if Gregory Bateson’s “Towards an Ecology of Mind”, is not on your vast reading list, will be a deep addition to it.


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