Friday, September 13, 2013

Freestylin' with Fascial Lat Suppleness and 'Tissue-wringing' Exercises - a Montage.

A few people commented on the lack of ability to see the 'lines of pull' in the soft tissues of my arms and back during my pervious fascial lat stretching videos - See HERE.  Tucking the t-shirt in was suggested, but I dislike the feeling of restricting this creates - so I just ditched the tee altogether. 

Some of these variants require a fair amount of flexibility and body awareness to start; indeed, they are actually really nice for people who are 'hypermobile' already - as is the tissue wringing style of soft tissue remodeling.  I am demonstrating the moves much faster than I do them normally.  This is to showcase the versatility of the humble hanging latissimus dorsi stretch.   Pick a variant that feels good to you in your body - and play around with it at a slow and exploratory pace. 

All of the moves shown have specific breathing enhancers (directed breathing techniques) that go along with them, but would have taken a long time to explain.  I'll break down some of the moves shown in later posts, with breathing; micro-movements; body awareness cues.  If you're a dabbler like me, you can always just play around with what is up and create your own versions.  If you come up with something good, email me or create your own clip.  I'm sure there are more great variants I haven't explored yet, and I'd love to see/feel them. 

OK, here's the Video:  Freestyle Hanging Fascial Lat Spirals

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